About Bangon Mobilizers, Inc.


This is our battle cry! Bangon! Mobilizers, Inc. is a duly registered nonprofit organization engaged in transformational initiatives directed towards the completion of the LORD’s mandate to reach all people groups with the gospel of Christ, in Mindanao first and then beyond, thru focused engagement of least-reached people groups (LRPs), missions and leadership training and deployment, church cooperation and mobilization, as well as partnerships with anyone and everyone who will rally with us shoulder-to-shoulder bringing Christ up to the last LRP, for GOD’s glory and honor!

Bangon’s principal office is located at the New Heights Compound, Quimpo Boulevard (fronting Citi Hardware), Matina, Davao City 8000 Philippines, and it is registered in the Security and Exchange Commission in 21, April 2016 under Registry No # CN201636120.

The Organization is governed by the Board of Trustees elected by members of the Organization. The charge of the Board of Trustees is guided by the Board Governance Policy Manual of the Organization.

Working with Bangon Mobilizers, Inc. gives partners the opportunity to serve others in a cross-culture nature. Bangon was organized to specifically serve the indigenous people of the Philippines. Its programs and services are focused on the formation of indigenous communities engaged in transformational development. Partners demonstrate love for the indigenous people and service as an expression of personal vocation. They travel to indigenous people’s communities from time to time and may be exposed to rigorous travel with basic, rudimentary accommodation facilities; consequently, they are expected to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in adapting to community life. Learning local language is encouraged, and cultural sensitivity is a must, in community building and for effective project implementation.

1. History

In 2016, certain kindred spirits from New Heights Christian Fellowship began to pray and envision an organization which would reach for a three-fold vision: cross-cultural missions, church mobilization and a business center for missions. The result is the founding of Bangon Mobilizers, Inc. a non-stock, non-profit, charitable faith-based institution duly registered in the Philippines

Bangon’s initial involvement was the alleviation of educational poverty amongst the Maguindanaoans in the district of Gen. Salipada K. Pendatun. This has now resulted in the provision of educational assistance in the form of finances, school supplies, as well as specialized tutoring; professional training amongst teachers in the areas of new teaching techniques, functional financial literacy and mental health; periodic medical missions and regular medical training of health volunteers and the community at large; and community development initiatives including livelihood. Since then, Bangon has visited and engaged communities in Marawi, Banaybanay, Pantukan, Talaingod, Marilog, among others.

Through the years, Bangon has been heavily involved in partnerships focused on mission and other Biblical equipping trainings of churches in Davao City and the indigenous pastors of Mindanao; and in 2023, Bangon started its own dedicated courses in Biblical training for pastors and church leaders, as well as accounting courses with job creation as its goal.

And now, Bangon is focusing its lens on the mindset realignment of the churches and the marketplace believers to the truth and stewardship of the Gospel.

2. Our Vision

For all nations to be represented in the vision of Revelation 7:9:

“9 After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.” (NIV)

3. Our Mission

To join God in His work of reconciling the nations (people groups) to Himself.

4. Who We Are

We are a faith-based organization. We disciple ourselves towards a cross-cultural missional mindset primarily focused on LRPs; serving both the near neighbors and the not so near; and encouraging churches and other organizations to join in our mission.

We treat our partners, members and friends in the spirit of respect, teamwork, mission deliverables, innovation, accountability, passion and enthusiasm. Mobilization is key to our quest. We believe that partnership is key to the achievement of our mission.

We run the LORD’s business with financial skill, stability and discipline, discovering new revenue streams, innovations, lifelong relationships and partnerships, making every peso work like two; always reaching for sustainability and perpetuity of mission; holding ourselves to standards above reproach, looking to solve problems and meeting opportunities with our strengths, size, skills and unique qualities in mind.

5. Statement of Faith

We believe the Bible as the Word of God. The Scripture as originally written is divine, inspired, inerrant, infallible, absolute and final authority in faith and life.

We believe that there is one God, the creator of heaven and earth, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe in Jesus Christ as Supreme LORD and Savior:

 His essential, absolute and eternal Deity

 His true and sinless humanity

 His virgin birth

 His substitutionary, propitiatory death

 His bodily resurrection

 His ascension to the right hand of the Father

His coming again in power and great glory

We believe that all humanity sinned and need redemption. The effects of sin and the power of evil have corrupted all of creation, including the fabric of cultural, economic, environmental, social, political and religious life.

We believe in human worth regardless of cultural, social and ethnic diversity. The image of God remains the basis of the uniqueness, dignity, sanctity and equality of all persons without distinctions. Though distorted by sin, God loves and cares for all people in their cultural, social, and ethnic diversity, and has reached out in grace to save them through Jesus Christ.

We believe that for the salvation of mankind, regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential.

We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life.

We believe in God’s Church and Mission. God is redeeming a people to Himself commissioned to redeem yet others so that all peoples worship and glorify Him for all eternity.



(in partnership with New Heights Christian Fellowship)

Engaging the UPGs/LRPs

Cross-cultural work. – We currently engage various communities by facilitating mindset transformation in the stewardship of their GOD-given resources – natural wealth, family, relationships, time and talent.

We assist in the education of indigenous high school students by providing financial aid, school logistics and supplies, tutoring services and values sessions. This vital service has been enhanced by involving their teachers and their families in the process, thereby opening a host of engagement opportunities in the areas of modern education techniques, community development and livelihood projects, functional literacy among their unlettered, health and sanitation and community transformation in general. Thus far, we have had a good number high school graduates (35 as of this writing), who, we are inspiring to pursue a trade or profession relevant to their community.

We also help in building startup school structures, provide school supplies, medical kits and chairs for elementary students, paving the way for partnership with the local parent-teachers association (PTA).

In collaboration with other NGOs, we provide regular medical missions (at least twice a year) and monthly training for health volunteers, as well as community education in health and sanitation.

We participate in regular values training of indigenous tribal communities, as well as in cultural exchanges among their young people, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Missions mobilization. – Vision casting, cross-cultural orientation, Bible story crafting, Kairos and other missions training; deliberate preaching and discipleship, as well as inspiring churches from various denominations, towards reaching the 13.

Strategic partnerships. – Engaging the lumads in and outside Davao City through joint ventures with non-government organizations (NGOs) involved in community development, anti-human trafficking advocacies, culture preservation and conversations, musical scholarships and other tribal services.

Feeding programs. – Monthly participation in feeding programs for Badjaos in Davao City and for an orphanage on Samal Island.

Community outreach. – Vacation Bible school and other children’s programs, basketball clinics, coastline cleaning, Zumba, film showing, etc. which seeks to bring the City’s unchurched to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Engaging our Near Neighbors

Holistic Impact

Governance assistance. – Assisting mission NGOs in their governance needs such as government registration and accreditation, as well as financial systems and strategy.

Community assistance. – Showing God’s love and compassion through financial assistance to indigent beneficiaries in need of urgent medical attention and other legitimate needs.

Community programs. – Participating in medical missions, livelihood projects, food and clothing distribution, haircutting, etc. to both mountain and coastal tribes.


Leadership Development Facility

We envision an epicenter of mission-focused church training and equipping, resulting not only in ministry growth but evolving into a full-blown leadership development program in church and missions mobilization and administration, capacity-building and vision-casting trainings in such areas as Business As Mission (BAM), Church Planting Movements (CPM) and even theological education by extension with emphasis on cross-cultural missions, which would unleash an army of Kingdom harvesters, transforming societies in its wake, by the Spirit of the LORD God Almighty!

There is a great need and potential for marketing mission products in a museum setting for tribal history and culture. This combination coffee and gift shop would be a venue for public education in the fast-declining culture of the 13 UPGs and other tribes, and would serve as distribution hub for products of mission NGOs which provide livelihood for the tribes they serve. Examples of these products are virgin coconut oil (VCO), moringa soap, oils and creams, native mats, bags, purses, and even fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cultural Museum and Trading Post

Business Center for Missions

We envision an epicenter for training, facilitation and consultation for business startups, SMEs as well as growing business which are ready to bring their operations to the next level. We envision a pool of blue-collar craftsmen whom we would train and provide jobs for through missions and environmental projects, creating economic, social and spiritual transformation at the same time.

Mobilizer for the Next Generation

We envision inspired educators who would dream of a child daycare and tutoring center where our leaders of tomorrow would be trained not just in the way they should go, but be educated in the LORD’s mission at a right early age.

We envision a business center which would provide missionaries and mission organizations not only immediate access to administrative services (computer and internet access, huge printing but light binding jobs, secretarial services and networking assistance) but also professional advice and services in their financial and organizational systems and strategies (including short- and long-term strategic financial plans), as well as assistance in their governance requirements (governmental reporting requirements, registrations, permits and accreditations).

Business Startups and Job Creation

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